A Hempfest in Austin Texas?

Word on the streets is that there is a new full scale Seattle style Hempfest coming to Austin Texas. Organizers say they are still developing the website and negotiating property for the fest.

The goal for the main event is to have a piece of land that offers camping, multiple stages and a multi-day social and educational experience.

How will a pot-fest fare in the deep blue state of Texas?  Organizers say the time is right and is a necessary step to take away cannabis profits from Mexican drug gangs that have all but over-run Texas and other border states, and are quickly creeping across America.

Austin is often referred to as a blue dot in a sea of red, so maybe they have chosen the right spot. Time will tell. We will continue to follow this story on NewNet7  (We are based in Austin, so yea, we’ll be there!)

Follow the Austin Hempfest on twitter at @AustinHempfest or http://twitter.com/AustinHempfest

Please direct any questions to them.

More to come soon, stay tuned on Twitter @newsnet7 – http://twitter.com/newsnet7


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