Interesting Music Pick: Rick Shell aka Rizioule

Rick Shell is my interesting music pick for this month. Rick Shell aka The Artist Rizioule. Very nice stuff he has. This is one I would definitely like to hear more of.

Rick Shell has been performing all over the US and Mexico for over 25 years. This long musical journey includes many performances with other greats like Jason Mraz, Jewel, Deliverance, The Revelations, Gregory Page, Javier Batiz, William Clauson, and many others.

Rick Shell, also known as “The Artist Rizioule” has appeared in concert and on radio and TV shows across the US and Mexico, most notably “Buenos Dias” Mexico’s version of “Good Morning America”, He also appears in a frequently re-broadcast Channel Austin TV show and was featured in a 2011 Pecan St. Festival TV commercial.

What is the music like?

(Mike Burke, Stage Mgr.) “Well, you never really know with Riz. It depends on the place and the night. You might get Rock, you might get Reggae, you might get Folk. He might have 3 different bands on one night. One thing for sure, it is always interesting”.

Mike – Daytona Fla.says : “I’ve been listening to recordings we made the other night.Your music is incredible. Some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. “Angel of Time” blew me and my wife away.

“I want to market your music in Europe”.



For Booking Info for Rick Shell, “The Artist Rizioule” please visit Festival of Musicians and send us a note. Please indicate venue, and type of music desired. Mr Shell currently offers a full rock ensemble performing cover and original material. A full reggae ensemble performing cover and original reggae music or duo performance of cover and original material. Book Rick Shell today!

Rick Shell Music Samples at http://myspace.ccom/rickshellband

His musical styling is diverse and tailored to meet venue needs.



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