You really must see the new Castle Land Project, “Hard Rock Art Factory” ( What a concept they have created. They are using a concrete statuary to finance and build a medieval castle with festival grounds. It is intended to be a place for artists, musicians and other “creative types” to gather and work on new things. The Hard Rock Art Factory is planned as a way to finance the project, and Hard Rock Art Factory will sell big Fountains, birdbaths, statues and all kinds of garden art. They seem to have about 1000 concrete products, and a large concrete factory in Longview, Washington, and another site in Portland, Oregon. Word is they are looking for a retail spot in Seattle, Washington as well.

So see if you are looking for great hand painted garden art, a fountain, a new statue for your foyer, a Zen rock garden for your patio, or just a simple birdbath, remember that you are supporting the arts when you trade with the Hard Rock Art Factory. Also be sure and visit the main site for the Castle Land Project at