Russia Invades Ukraine. BREAKING NEWS

UPDATE: More to come. This video contains a lot if info and the most compelling video I have seen from the ground yet.

Russia has invaded the Ukraine. Ukrainian officials claim thousands of Russian troops have arrived. Communications in Crimea have been overtaken. Airspace has been closed.

Russian Officials are denying the fact, claiming it is a training exercise. Eyewitnesses reported Russian combat helicopters and fighter jets massing on the Ukraine border, and now they say say military helicopters and armored personnel carriers.

There have been numerous reports of Russian forces arriving in Crimea,  and at least two unconfirmed deaths.

Ukrainian border service spokesman Serhiy Astakhov, reports that Russian transport planes bearing unknown cargo have landed at the Gvardeiskoye airbase north of the regional capital of Simferopol.  He said they were approached by border agents and were “waved off” by the invaders and told “they did not require their services.”

Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov had earlier reported that unidentified armed men in uniforms lacking insignia had conducted an “armed invasion” at the airport and other areas, and had even raised Russian flags.

U.N. Security Council is calling on the armed groups not to attempt to challenge Ukrainian sovereignty.

White House has issued a warning to Kremlin.  President Barrack Obama has just stated “We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside Ukraine,  It would be a clear violation of Russia’s commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of Ukraine and of international laws.”

United States is urging Russia to pull back from the region or face possible consequences.

Yuriy Sergeyev, the Ukraine ambassador to the U.N.,  says the country is prepared to defend itself and urged the U.N.’s support for the Kiev government.

Stay tuned to on Twitter @Newsnet7 , and here on the Newsnet7  blog as we gather the info for you. We are working on it folks,  good intel is slim but emerging. The call is out to people on the ground in the area.

RELATED:  OBAMA makes comment to Russia on national TV. Here is a transcript of President Barrack Obama’s speech:

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