Mercedes Benz 1978 450 SEL Rare Collectible Classic Car – $7500 (s. austin)

Mercedes Benz 1978 450 SEL Rare Collectible Classic Car – $7500 (s. austin)

Mercedes flagship car. Retail $58,000 in 1978. (Mfg, Feb 1977 Stuttgart, Germany) This car was made for kings, princes and heads of state. Ranked well above its only close peer, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, the Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL was acclaimed as “The finest automobile ever built.”

You will see this model car in several movies, including Goodfellas and Ronin.

This 450 SEL is perfect for full restoration. Lifetime Collectors Car tags, never need to be renewed! Many new parts installed including brakes, rotors, calipers, tie rod end, new tires all around.

Starts right up and runs great. Needs love to be at its full potential. 3 speed auto transmission works great. AC does not. (Needs AC compressor, $130. This car is surprisingly easy to work on, and parts are so affordable!)

This is a much nicer car than just about any newer cars out there. Compare on the web, you will find restored 450 SEL’s going for $25,000 + $40,000.

$7500 asking price leaves plenty of room to make a lasting investment in this finest of rare European luxury saloons.

Follow this link and respond to CL ad for more info/viewing appt.


Silver Prices Continue Freefall – Oil Down and Falling

Silver selling continues after market close, silver down over 11% on the day to $34.980.

Silver has lost nearly 30% this week.

The pressure will increase due to a 16.7% increase in trading deposit requirements that go into effect at the close today. This means the standard 5,000-ounce silver contract will require $18,900 per contract to open a position, and maintain $14,000 of that to keep the contract overnight.

Investors must exit positions if they can’t afford the higher margins requirements. The exchange raises margins during times of high volatility to ensure market participants are adequately capitalized.

Trading as high as $48 at the start of the week, iShares Silver Trust ETF ended the session down 11.9% at 33.72.

Gold, is down 2.2% today at $1480.90. Up 24% in the past year.

Good news for most of us, Oil continues its fall closing at …

Energy & Oil Prices

OIL ($/bbl) 99.95

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